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Service God, Country, and Man is a great honor;
but to serve as a Deer Park Volunteer Firefigher
is a privilege.

Becoming a Member

Your time is a precious commodity and as a Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department member you will be afforded the opportunity to serve your community as a firefighter or as an Emergency Medical Provider.

As a firefighter you will be placed in an intensive 14-week fire academy where you will experience classroom, hands on fire training, and comradeship opportunities with fellow firefighters.  After the academy you will be allowed to join the prestigious ranks of the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department where you will undergo a six-month probationary period to further your fire fighting experience.

As a member of the EMS group you will be placed with a mentor for six months to demonstrate skills and learn department protocol.

The City of Deer Park offers its volunteers opportunities to expand their EMS and fire training through area colleges, fire training schools, and the prestigious Texas A&M ire training school in College Station, Texas.

The City of Deer Park is a member of the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System, which provides pension, disability, and survivor benefits for the firefighters, and emergency medical services personnel who volunteer their time.  After 15 years of pension credit you will be allowed to receive these retirement benefits.

Qualifications required for application 
EMS                       Fire 
Between 19 and 55 years of age   Between 21 and 55 years of age 
Pass DOT physical   Pass DOT physical 
Current Texas EMS Certification   Pass physical agility test 
Pass physical agility test   Pass a criminal background check 
Pass a criminal background check   Complete academy training 
Complete academy training    

If you meet the listed qualifications and are interested in becoming a member please click here to fill out an application.